November 28, 2018

We’ve always dreamt about the best things for our loved ones, and one of which include owning a place that they can call their own where they can have a home that can give them rest and relaxation.

Unfortunately, finding a place that they can escape to, away from the hustle and bustle of the city is something that’s not easy to come by – especially since everyone needs to be close to the metropolis and people would just have to live with the unsavory things that come with it.

That’s until the arrival of Metro Manila Hills (MMH).

Located in Montalban, Rizal, Metro Manila Hills is a new development of New San Jose Builders, Inc. (NSJBI) that aims to give the populace an address that would give them a tranquil environment that they can retreat to. And since it’s just a quick drive to and from Manila, it’s like having a staycation in the city without the hassles of the metropolis.

The best perk of getting a property there? No matter where you are situated in this community, you’ll get to experience a getaway with its breathtaking Sierra Madre view, the country’s longest mountain range. Everyday, you’ll open your windows, releasing your worries and stress to stunning sunrises. Not only that, this project ensures that the experience you can get there will always be at its best, with greeneries and open spaces for recreation such as parks, playgrounds, jogging tracks, bike lanes, a basketball court and gazebos for spontaneous family bonding. This way, it’s not hard to sustain an active and healthier lifestyle under the sun; and of course, closer family-ties will be established.

The getaway feels don’t just stop there. MMH also has a clubhouse and a swimming pool like one of those in your favorite resorts. Just imagine that finally, the escape that you need is right there in your own community. There are also function areas where hassle-free celebrations can be held – be it birthdays, anniversaries, firsts, and other memorable shindigs – because it’s more special when your party venue has a picturesque mountain view.

Tagged as the biggest project of NJSBI, the 272-hectare land will have different residential phases. One of which being Theresa Heights, where you’ll get that southern old American vibe home that comes with two (2) bedrooms, and a wide front porch with a fantastic view of the Rizal mountains.

If your peg is a warm Asian-accented home with a contemporary modern design, Victoria Villas is perfect for you. It also has windows strategically-located to give you your daily dose of a serene landscape.

Residencias de Francesca, on the other hand, gushes over Meditteranean warmth in its Spanish-accented design.

It might sound way too rural, but it’s actually a suburban lifestyle strategically planned for you. There will also be a lighted retail boulevard that runs through Metro Manila Hills where there are a variety of shops for food, specialty and even hobby stores for your needs, with the municipal hall, hospital, public market and central business district are all just nearby from the property.

Metro Manila Hills will make sure your investment to a brighter future is worth it. How about coming home to a tranquil place with your family after a long day of work while a spectacular view from your porch awaits? It’s possible! You can make it happen.