April 28, 2018

One of the best perks of having your own condo unit is inviting friends over for the biggest celebrations or even the most intimate ones because it will save you from the stress of finding party venues. With that, here are ten (10) party ideas that you can do on several occasions that go out of the norm!

  1. Prepare a Pinoy brunch buffet for a house-warming party

    Housewarming party is probably one of the most anticipated parties especially when you just moved in but people rarely do it in the morning, so why don’t you? Set up a table filled with Pinoy favorites that your guests will surely love – a pot of hot champorado, dilis, fresh vegetable salad, scrambled and sunny-side-ups, and pancakes, too! Don’t forget a bunch of fresh fruits and garlic rice, too!

  2. Throw a sports-fest-themed baby shower ala Isabelle Daza!

    Showbiz has its most interesting and creative stories like how actress Isabelle Daza held her baby shower. Because she and her husband were sports enthusiasts, the shower was through a sports fest which got all of her guests work out! Why not use this as inspiration using your condo’s gym? Organize teams and think of fun games such as a baby relay plus serve cupcakes inspired by the theme!

  3. Create your own fireworks viewing

    Experience an exciting and breath-taking New Year’s Party with your friends and loved ones using your own condo balcony! Fort Victoria, for example, is located in the heart of one of the brightest cities in the metro today – Bonifacio Global City, and has a perfect view of the skyline for fireworks. Check the schedule of most malls around for the fireworks display every New Year.

  4. Do your Bachelorette Bash the 90’s way

    Aside from the cliché Bride-To-Be’s sashes and hilarious games, tell everyone to dress up like their 90’s icons or simply the 90’s fashion! Also, set up a cool photo booth neon-themed plus play your favorite music of that era. Don’t forget the iconic punch bowl!

  5. A pool party sea-inspired sounds shore-ly cool

    Call your neighbors for a costume party that will create a tighter bond for all of you! Reserve your condo’s poolside for a sea-inspired costume party filled with mermaid and mermen, sailors and cute sea creatures! This is an ideal party that can be joined by both kids and adults. You don’t need to worry if it rains especially if you’ve got the covered pool of Victoria de Malate!

  6. How about a fun Christmas party for kids?

    It’s always a yes to that! Lay down your biggest blanket on a Christmas morning for kids as they open their presents from the Christmas tree. Also, prepare a breakfast buffet for all the guests both kids and kids-at-heart. The playground of Victoria de Malate or the landscape park of Isabelle de Valenzuela would all be good choices as venues for this, don’t you think?

  7. Let your promotion reward be a relaxing night at the spa

    Living in condos like Isabelle de Valenzuela is basically enjoying luxurious perks such as having your to-go spa. Just got promoted? You may think of many rewards you can give to yourself but first, enjoy a night of pure relaxation at your condo’s spa. The best part, if you feel drowsy already, your bed’s just an elevator button away!

  8. Organize a board game night with your colleagues

    Farewell parties don’t have to be too sad! Bring out your Uno cards, Cards Against Humanity or even Monopoly that everyone will surely miss playing together. Order pizza to lessen the hassle and get your experimental cocktails present!

  9. Have your birthday the Disney way

    Gather your friends for a night full of Disney movies and Disney-inspired decors around your condo. Ask them to come in their favorite Disney character. Prep loot bags with movie marathon essential such as popcorn, soda, gums, fries, and chips!

  10. Make it “Hippie Anniversary!”

    Put your balcony into a romantic use! For your anniversary, instead of setting up a normal candle-lit dinner on the dining table with all these rose petals scattered around, put down large bean bags on your balcony (no matter how small it is) and a bouquet of sunflowers that will surely melt your partner’s heart! Go down a trip to memory lane through a homemade food you both shared during your first dates. Cap off the night with your favorite booze, too!

There are loads of party venues we can choose from but there’s nothing like throwing it in your warm abode. With all the amenities like playgrounds, swimming pools, events places, parks and even spa included in New San Jose Condominiums, having your next party will be more convenient and personalized.